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XCMG New Products Won Multiple National Patent for Invention

Release time 2017-07-03 15:01  

Recently, the XSZ2000 full hydraulic drilling rig, RH30 raise-boring machine and TC80 double-wheel slot milling machine successfully passed product identification organized by China Machinery Industry Federation. Performances of all three independently researched products reached international advance level. The three new products totally got 60 patients, including 15 patents for invention (including two PCT patent applications). 


XCMG ceaselessly strengthens new product research and development, and aims to catch up with international high-end products. The successful development of XCMG new products greatly improves the market share of XCMG in fields of domestic high-end foundation engineering construction machinery, resource exploration, mining equipment and civil engineering. The patent achievement of new products further enhances the technology content of XCMG foundation engineering construction machinery, provides powerful technological support to realize diversification of high-end foundation engineering construction machinery, and accelerates the new stage of industrial development in future.