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XCMG Soil Stabilizer Mixing Plant Sales

Release time 2017-03-01 13:11  

Thanks to the high-volume purchases made by the leading central enterprises such as China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd., China Communications Construction Company Ltd., and Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd, etc., XCMG Soil Stabilizer Mixing Plant had exceeded its annual seals tasks with sales revenue rate up to 120% by the end of December, which is increased 31% year-on-year growth. XCMG Soil Stabilizer Mixing Plant has been widely recognized by users with the excellent quality and high performance, in which the XC800S Soil Stabilizer Mixing Plant is booming in sales. Series S is a soil stabilizer mixing plant with double mixing system, as the soil stabilizer mixing plant facility applicable for high-grade highways, and unanimously accepted by the majority of users based upon its features, such as, long mixing time, mixing evenly and high-intensity stabilized soil layer.

In recent years, as the development trends of road transport in China are making the transition from construction dominate to simultaneously construction and maintenance, with maintenance dominate, XCMG actively responses to the development pace of the Chinese highway transition, continuously optimizes and improves the key and core technologies of feeding system, mixing system and electronic control system in the Soil Stabilizer Mixing Plant with decades of technology accumulation and industrial development platform, and increases the R&D and applications for self-made control system, etc. in order to further enhance the stability and automation level of the facility and further improve the quality of complete machine to lead the industry development.